No More Foot Fatigue

ArchTek® socks feature a patented arch support system and uncompromising style. The sock’s advanced materials, knit-in insole, and trademarked energy return system brings unique pain-relief technology to your feet.

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Dynamic Arch Support System

The normal weight of the body pressing down on the foot creates stress on the tissues connecting the heel and toe – namely the arch. ArchTek® socks oppose gravity’s downward pressure in a completely revolutionary way like a knit-in orthotic.


ArchTek Arch Support

Our patented tech is at the heart of our sock. It’s the first of its kind, a 5 layer weave that supports the arch. This sturdy weave will maintain its support and stand the test of time.


Form-Fitting Leg Compression

We designed specialized graduated compression to reduce fatigue and stress throughout the foot. This also helps to prevent leg swelling & discomfort during long periods on your feet.


Best-In-Class Materials

Performance is important, but so is smell! So we added an anti-microbial coating that both traps odor and aides in extending the life of your socks by limiting the effect and growth of bacteria.


Trademarked Energy Return System

Our Y-Strap technology is built into each of our socks. This trademarked knit-in compression system is designed to reduce foot fatigue while improving the energy & longevity of your foot structure throughout the day.


Seamless Toe Cap

We removed the seam to make the sock more comfortable and breathable for your toes, as well as to reduce sweating. Why? Because the best socks should be both comfortable and functional.

ArchTek casual dress sock

Casual Dress Sock

ArchTek dress socks come with built-in arch support and take the place of costly and ill-fitting insoles. Our patented dynamic arch support system stabilizes the foot without weakening the arch structures all without compromising your style.

Athletic Sock

ArchTek athletic socks provide a more robust yarn weave along with the same patented arch support as our fashion socks. This provides dynamic support for the arch and foot during heavier and more intense activity.

Right & Left Design

Your feet are different, and your socks should be too! Our socks are designed to be left and right specific for better fit and improved comfort. The cut, padding, and stitching all complement the unique shape of each foot.

Doctor Developed
& Researched

Dr. Bob Baravarian is the inventor of ArchTek’s patented arch support system and is a board-certified foot & ankle surgeon with more than 20 years of patient care experience. After he experienced foot pain during his travels, Dr. Bob wondered if there was a better and more affordable solution than wearing special shoes or expensive custom insoles to prevent foot pain. He worked for more than 2 years to re-engineer every aspect of the classic sock to create a more modern sock that is better for the foot and leg.